How To Clean A Gaming Mouse? Step By Step Procedure

How To Clean A Gaming Mouse? Step By Step Procedure

No one needs a dirty mouse because it also dirt our hands. Especially gamers have this issue more than a normal pc user because they have to work with their mouse every day. So if you are one of them so you’re at the right place because today I am going to share some useful methods about How to Clean Gaming Mouse by sitting at your desk.

The methods which I am going to share are workable and useful because I’ve also applied them for my dirty gaming mouse. After researching and thinking a lot, I do some experiment and guess what? I was succeeded. So I thought to share this useful method about cleaning the gaming mouse with you. Now you’re thing that which category of gaming mouse works with this method. So let me tell you that you can apply this method at any category like wireless mouse, gunk off mouse & laser mouse. So let’s start with step by step guide.

How to Clean Gaming Mouse: 

  1. If you have a gaming mouse with wire then you’ll unplug your mouse from the computer and if there is any battery then you must also remove it from your pc.
  2. The second step is that you have to find some clean piece of a cloth for wiping out the dirt from your gaming mouse. But be careful that you’re not at any dirty place.
  3. Now clean the dirty places with this dry piece of cloth carefully.
  4. Now also check the underneath the scroll wheel. If there are any loose particles then you’ll roll the scroll wheel by sticking dry cloth with it. So in this way this place will also be clean.

how to clean gaming mouse

So above method is to clean a gaming mouse and now I am going to explain that how you also disinfecting gaming mouse at your home. This is also a simple and workable method you’ll love it for sure so let’s have a look without wasting much time.

How to Disinfecting Gaming Mouse: 

Above method is for How to clean gaming mouse and now this method is to How to disinfecting gaming mouse. Many people don’t know that there are a lot of bacteria’s in everything which we touch in our daily life but here we’ll just talk about the bacteria’s of gaming mouse. So let’s see how we can kill those bacteria’s which are infecting us.

  • Apply the same method with it. If you forgot let me tell you again. Just unplug the mouse from your computer and remove the batteries if any.
  • Now you have to wipe your mouse with disinfectant wipes. You’ll find many disinfectant wipes from local market with low price. Just take a great care while wiping out the gaming mouse and be aware that there is no any moisture in your standing place. Now the main part and that is dropping some liquid on a cloth and squeeze it on your mouse until the mouse get full wet with liquid.
  • Now take another dry a little piece of cloth and rub it on mouse until it gets dry and you are done.

The above methods are very cheap and anyone can afford these cleaning things. Just make sure that you are cleaning your gaming mouse once a week so that you’ll be safe from any kind of infection. But make sure to clean your gaming mouse with simple cloth on daily basis. So there will be not any single chance of getting infected by mouse. I hope you’ll love these methods of how to clean gaming mouse. You can also apply this method on gaming pad

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