Nova Launcher For PC

Nova Launcher For PC

Nova launcher prime apk is my favorite and the best AOSP-Style launcher. Launcher that has it all to enhance the beauty of your android smartphone. Nova launcher can help you changing the whole look of your android smartphone. And it will replace the default home-screen of your smartphone with your desired screen. Nova launcher prime has a collection of different theme, so choose your favorite one.

Not only themes, a vast collection of items that you can choose from is provided by Nova Launcher prime. You can control the colors of your smartphone. And set your desired color scheme, and desired color of the android app or game. The whole screen with controls can be customized. So you can set the desired function on swipe right or swipe left. There is a infinite tool in nova launcher prime app, helping you to stay connected to your page as long as you want.

The fun part is that you can even save and import the settings. So, whenever changing the device, you can set your desired settings by just importing the old settings. There is a lot more cool things that need to discover in nova launcher. Download nova launcher prime apk and style your phone.

nova launcher pc

Nova Launcher Prime for PC:

There may be some of us wants to beautify their computer, and they know they can do it using nova launcher prime apk. Nova launcher prime apk for pc is available. You just need to know the right way of how to do that. After knowing the way, you can use nova launcher prime apk for pc too. And for that follow the simple steps that i have mentioned below:

  1. Download nova launcher prime apk file
  2. Store it into your PC and install the Bluestacks software
  3. Open the bluestacks and within bluestacks, open Nova launcher prime apk
  4. And you are good to go, use nova launcher prime on pc.

What’s New in Nova Launcher Prime Latest Version v5.5.3:

Nova launcher prime apk is an app that totally enhances the beauty of android smartphones. Everytime it comes with a new update. You must know what there is something special in a new update. And you can know the exact updates that comes. Nova launcher prime apk v5.5.3 working right now, and has a cool list of features that i have shown you below:

  • There are Improved Transition
  • There are Bug Fixes
  • Different Optimizations
  • Pixel Style Launcher
  • More Dynamic Icons
  • Same Icons that are available in Android Oreo
  • New Feature Added: Google Now Integration! Swipe Right
  • You can also disable dynamic icons now in this new update
  • Android Oreo style notification badges
  • Backport of Android 7.1 and many more!
  • Other Internal Changes i might not familiar with

How to Install Nova Launcher Prime Apk?

If you don’t know how to install nova launcher prime apk in your android smartphone. This guide is for you, the task is not that hard. You may not know because you are new to android operating system. Or there could be any other reason. But the thing is, you have the right guide. So read the guide below and install nova launcher prime apk:

  1. Download and save nova launcher prime apk file into your smartphone
  2. Install Tesla Unread plugin that i have shared
  3. Open the nova launcher prime apk in your smartphone
  4. Now Enjoy the nova launcher prime, and you don’t need to root your device if you have a rooted one.

Nova Launcher prime apk version 5.5.3 is compatible to almost all android devices. Download the new version now of nova launcher and enhance the beauty of your smartphone. Use your favorite wallpaper or whatever!

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